14 April 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: highlight of the past year

In celebration of the corner view turning a year we have been asked to pick out our favourite post, am a little shy to do this as I am a new member and have only been a part of it for a few months. 
I did like the wisdom from an elder idea though so here is my link to that post.
For other cornerview highlights go here.

Now to keep it a little interesting, here is a post I always meant to do that fits with this theme, if you have a few minutes please do give it a listen initially here, to hear some more original voices go here, some of these early suffragettes were so determined and tough! But in such a polite sort of way! 


  1. I loved your elder wisdom, and those faces... a treat for me.

    And I am so glad CV lead me here too, another treat, post by post...xo

    Happy 1st!

  2. The wisdom of the elders astounds me. I hope I too get to be so wise, one day.

  3. I'm so glad you are a part of corner view, Juniper. I love coming to see what you have to show us and say.

  4. Great post, I love their wise and, at the same time, funny faces! Thank you for your visit:)

  5. Un anniversaire pour dire que certains combats sont à mener encore ! J'aime ! Merci pour les liens !!

  6. I so love the fact that you joined the Corner View. Your posts are a such a treat. And I get a to see a glimpse of your life on the island that has such a great place in my heart. Thank you!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jeannette


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