12 April 2010

Thinking about fabric

The urge to sew is back at last (this time with time on its side) 
fabric gazing distracting me presently join me here if you like. . 

(Maltese Flea Markets soon to come)


  1. Happy you have time to sew - time is a gift! Can't wait to see what happens :^)

  2. There is something about fabric that inspires me to sew .......... nice fabrics :)

  3. Me too! Must be spring and her springy dresses!

    Poppy looks adorable in the little rose tunic you made for Stella. (With the lovely blue buttons) I think, I'll copy the pattern and make a slightly bigger one for summer. I've got some left over fabrics around, just right for these little projects. It will be great in 4 different fabrics, I think.
    Have a fab week, my friend. I will write to you soon. Email and letter.
    Big Kiss.

  4. Yes, colours, spring and sewing machine and TIME - sounds good to me as well!

  5. What a beautiful link,I really enjoy of new arrivals,Sooooooo pretty!!!!!!!! :D
    I love sunny days and dresses in the spring.

  6. What a great link! I've bookmarked it to enjoy at length later. Happy sewing to you! xo

  7. How wonderful that you have this gift. Do you make dresses for children?

  8. Janis: it is a gift and I think I may have jinxed it! Have just been asked to come in and do some extra teaching all next week. At least I should be a able to squeeze in a few hours of sewing this week though!

    Dina: I so agree!

    Guusje: Happy it fits her and happy sewing to you too!!
    No: yes, think it may have something to do with spring.

    Parisa: glad you like the link, it is a fun site for exploring different fabric designers.

    Gigi thanks

    Melissa: will be posting some things soon, the kids have booked me up with their own wish list!

    Yoli, I wouldn't say I am an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy sewing things, so far its been little summer trousers for the children, dresses, soft toys, bags and oil cloth aprons. Am thinking about starting an etsy site.


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