19 October 2009

Couldn't resist

While running a few errands in Valletta yesterday, I stopped to buy some good quality cocoa from a particular little old baking shop. While there I spotted a little display of maybe 15 different varieties of these and couldn't resist. I think they are little liquors that one could use to flavor cakes and things but am not entirely sure. No one in the shop could tell me, nor could they tell me exactly what the different types were in English (the box is entirely in Italian). I loved the size and nifty packaging, so chose a few (may be making chocolate truffles come christmas time you see). Wonder what Sassolino is?  Am guessing that the Prunella one I bought is some kind of prune liquor? and why the old witch looking lady?
(I included the cup to give you a sense of the size)


  1. I keep finding little tidbits on the internet that relate to the last book I was immersed in, The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris (sequel to Chocolat), and this post is PERFECT! Hee!I suppose it must be something floating around in the zeitgeist.

  2. Hey Juniper, I can tell you that your Sassolino is a liqueur made from Star Anise and it comes from a small town callde Sassuolo, near Modena. Love the old hag on the label! It caused some debate in the department though because sassolino literally means small stone in Italian. I do so enjoy checking in on your blog - always something to see! Rachel x

  3. Thank you Rachel!
    Hmm may have to taste it today myself, wonder what a star anise liquor would taste like?! Glad you like the blog! Still trying to finagle a trip to Parma!

  4. Really cute package!! But the old hag doesn't look that friendly at all. :)

  5. W.D. I so fondly remember getting completely swept up in the book Chocolate last time I lived in Malta ( 8 months in 2005), it was one of the high lights to an otherwise rainy lonesome winter. Had not heard of the book you mentioned but I am thinking it may be my next purchase!

  6. I love the packaging!! So refreshing to see something that hasn't had all it's uniqueness marketed out of it!!

    I am very much looking forward to seeing photographs of truffles on here in the next few months along with a description of what star anise liquor tastes like :-)

    C x

  7. Mmm. Can't wait to see what comes of this discovery. Only wish I lived close enough to benefit from a tasting.

  8. hi juniper, thank you for leaving your lovely comment on my blog. i see you come from beautiful malta and as i go through the posts in your blog, i find i am absorbed in the pictures and words...

    regarding my stories, if you click on the tab 'writing' you will come across several of my stories among other written stuff.
    do drop by again!

  9. Priya,
    Thank you and I will indeed be reading your 'writings'! By the way I really like the name of your blog.

  10. Hi Juniper! Well, I couldn't resist these either given the chance to bring them home with me. :~) The packaging is fantastic!

    Your blog is so beautiful! Thank you so much for paying mine a visit recently via Kitty over at Return to Bohemia. I really look forward to seeing more of your posts!



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