22 October 2009

Honest Scrap

Have been awarded with an Honest award... thank you Return to Bohemia.
Her parents post is awesome go have a peak.
As a recipient I am instructed to do the following -
Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
Include their Honest Truths, and here are hers

  • Like my dainty pal the Townhouselady, I too burp like a dude. My husband is constantly amazed, and when he tries to do it, he judges his own attempts "weak efforts."
  • I always think I talk too much. But I have a lot to say and hardly anyone ever tells me to stop.
  • I wish more people would act excited about life. I feel stupid sometimes by how much I enjoy little things. People look at me funny.
  • I love Bruce Springsteen endlessly. If you tell me you don't, I judge you in ways you wouldn't like.
  • I have way too much jewelry. I love it all. I can tell you about every single bit of it. I sold some of the really good stuff on ebay. I wish now I wouldn't have done that.
  • I'm a smell freak. (and occasionally a smelly freak) If someone within 7 blocks of me has eaten garlic, I carry on about it.
  • My biggest pet peeve is gum chewing. I think it's disgusting. Why not just chew all your food all day long, pop it, blow it into bubbles, stick it under chairs. What the hell's the difference.
  • I was a Guiding Light watcher-- since 1978, and I was sad it went off the air. I know the names of the actors. I follow one or two of them on twitter.
  • I stopped drinking 8 years ago. I didn't have one of those finding myself in the gutter moments, I just did it. When some people find out I don't drink, they look at me suspiciously and seem to be thinking, "Wow, she must have been really bad," and probably feel much better about themselves.
  • I quit smoking too. I'd love one right now, however.
third) include 10 truths about yourself
So here are some truths about me...
  • I think I may like brownie batter better then the cooked final thing.
  • I somehow find putting the children's books all in place calming, even if the rest of the room still has toys and pillow strewn around, somehow its the books being cared for that brings a kind of odd satisfaction. 
  • I think Northern Exposure and  Mad Men may well be the best two series I have seen thus far.
  • I am an oatmeal fan . 
  • I am a maple syrup snob, I just don't see the point in eating a good waffle or pancake with out the real thing, would rather go yogurt and honey if there is no proper maple syrup on hand. 
  • I long to return to Nepal one day. 
  • I love almonds, lemons, and very dark chocolate (not all together).
  • It irritates me to no end when my husband farts (loudly) next to me in the morning (how can a person enjoy their latte and toast after that)??! I mean really.
  • I can get sucked into a book or a film almost to the point where if the phone rings I can forget who and where I actually am. 
  • I love the smell of a carpenters shop, wood shavings and so on (not the varnish sprays).  
five) The final step is to present this award to at least 4 others blogs you find brilliant in design/content or who have encouraged you.
My nominations go to 
Guusje's Appeltaart - oh what a positive woman, her blog always brings a smile to my face, quite the creative misses, and full of good ideas. 
Une Envie Del Sel - her blog is always a visual feast, and she is a able to express so eloquently the sweet magic of motherhood/childhood in such a way that it makes you stop and take note of your own life and children and the adventures that exist in the everyday (also a talented painter) with a good eye for style. 
MUS- ah if only I could read Dutch fluently! Her blog is stunning and here too a clever creative spirit with such good ideas! 
Last but not least a new discovery, The Plum Tree, where  I of late have been wandering to instead of a book, she writes so well. A small trip to India, I find her blog to have a very poetic sensibility, quite a delight. 


  1. oh thank you juniper....now i'll have to come out with some of my secrets!!!

    some of the links you've included are terrific. :-)

  2. I have just spent a few minutes catching up on your blog. It's a very nice place to visit! I like your truths...especially about Mad Men. I am not a big TV person but I find myself obsessed with this show...the clothes, the interiors...the drama. Only two more episodes this season. Sigh.
    I hope you are well...

  3. Aw, thank you so much! I take this as a great compliment!
    After reading your "true things" (and your comment on my camping post) I think we have a great deal in common, you and I.

    Bisses - M.

  4. I also love the Boss endlessly. He is one of my top five favorite musicians ever. He's a genius.

  5. oh, super thank you 1000X! big kiss for your lovely words.

    and i am a very dark chocolate addict (too) :)


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