18 October 2009

Monday morning wanderings

Gifts from our summer visitors
included the sharing of these photos,

oh to travel as these two did!
Every couple I suppose knows another couple they admire in some way or other and these two are ours, good friends, travellers, fellow food lovers and always a joy to spend time with. True appreciators of life, the gritty parts, the unassuming wonders and the spectacular. Aren't good friends one of the sweetest parts of life. So glad they made it to our small island to visit. Here are a few glimpses from their most recent adventures if you want to see more look to their page here.

Cienfuegos, Cuba




  1. Oh, that wall in Morocco is absolutely breathtaking!

  2. Isn't it an interesting mural, or personalised touch. Have never seen anything quite like it.


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