21 October 2009

Persimmons you say


(for me anyway but probably the rest of you out there knew all about it). 
I spotted this at the little fruit and veg stall down our road today and enquired about it to be told
 'it is a Kaki and is very good, don't eat the skin'. 
I tried it today and wonders of wonders... it is divine! So subtle and sweet, really am a convert and upon further research I discovered it is called a persimmon in English (have always loved the word but never knew what it was). Am now contemplating naming our house that (houses have names here), and ours doesn't have one yet. 
We do have quite a few bits of orange about the place. 

Apparently this one is from Spain (wouldn't it be cool to see them hanging on trees)!

Am thinking I may need to make an orange flan so that I can use the little stars as garnish.
(Am a bit of a flan - creme caramel addict)


  1. I love them too, if you do eat the skin, you get an very strange sensation on your tongue, really weird!

  2. Coincidentally, I made a recent discovery too at my veggie seller's. I tried out this butternut squash. Ever tried it?? Loved its nutty taste in soups and risottos.

    With regards to your persimmon discovery - I remember having a pack of cards showing persimmon in one of them. But I can't remember whether it was a fruit or a veggie!

    Am a creme-caramel addict too but I would never cook them myself..the recipe requires so many egg-yolks that I would feel guilty preparing it.

  3. Guusje,
    I read about it (doing something weird to your tongue) when I was trying to find the name in English but have listened to my local vegetable man and did not eat the skin.

  4. Zen,
    Ah yes- butternut squash is great! YOu can use it in place of pumpkin in soups and such, and with sage in risotto it very is nice and with feta,mint and walnuts in a kind of calzone is also very good!
    Apparently persimmons officially are in the berry family?!

    I have a good recipe for flan with not too many egg yolks, 3-4 I think and when you think about it being shared between four it' only one each.

  5. I've seen this fruit many times at the veggie store but have never decided to try it. I might do now.

  6. Dina, It's worth it! Just be sure that you choose one that's a little soft and a darker shade of orange. They get darker as they ripen.

  7. But as far as I know, isn't creme caramel a cream-like dessert with burnt sugar on top? or am I muddling things up?
    Thanks for your butternut squash recipe suggestion. Will try it out next time I buy another one.

  8. Zen, I believe your thinking of Creme Brulee, which is also one of my favourites but I have never made it and could possibly have more egg yolks.

  9. ga! we are sisters separated at BIRTH, i tell you! white tara, a penchant for nomads, a discovery of persimmons...

    blowing you a big persimmony kiss from across the continents-


    (and thank you for the sweetest of persimmony comments about the new painting!)


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