04 July 2008

Lord I love naptime

Two shirts made while quiet time was in session yesterday, very gratifying. 
We are nearly settled on which ice cream machine to buy- oh boy!! Summer sun around the corner and some fun recipes to try- am eager to do something with figs... maybe figs and orange rind ... hmmm. endless possibilities really. Still a few busy weeks lie ahead - packing, selling off all the furniture, working on my Maltese and  goodbyes etc. 

03 July 2008

New Supplies!

Made my way to the local charity shop on my way to pick up the children from nursery school, and spotted a few old sheets and a table cloth that had some potential. Little harm in sewing misadventures when the fabric costs all of one pound!

Musings on The Edge of Love

Admittedly I was largely looking for an evening out (childless) and to 'escape' a bit. 
Am also a Dylan Thomas fan so it all lined up and seemed like a splendid thing to do. WARNING if you like Dylan Thomas at all I would recommend NOT seeing this film. Having seen it,  I now feel like I will not be able to hear his poetry or stories quite in the same way. 
I thought the cinematography was superb but am good and tired of Kiera Knightly (surely there must be some other talented English actresses out there that could have done as good a job). 
Surprisingly I thought Sienna Miller gave a very believable picture of Caitlin, his wife... to be honest I didn't really believe that she could act before this. A little over the top in terms of women 'running around in their knickers' as Adrian put it... all in all I would give it 7 out of 10 stars. The Edge of Love.

29 June 2008

Last week's sewing moments

Was a busy week but I did manage to make a few things amid the daily picnics to the park (four days of good weather). Experiments with making a shirt came out ok- sleeves though -dear oh dear need to sauce out a good way to make them. Also some deliveries! New Fabric from the Fabric Attic (they have some great vintage prints) ... and two Persephone books for my grandmother .  

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