11 July 2012


After two weeks of joyous memory- making days with the four kiddos 
(think days upon days of sun and upper 90 degree heat) getting all the smalls dressed, sun-blocked and off to the beach or park or friends house on my own has been .. adventure-full. There are the reoccurring discussions on who gets to sit next to the baby, who gets to choose the first song in the car, and who gets to bring which favourite toy, lego, or random rock along with them. Someone always realises (only once we are up the long alley and all buckled up and cooking in the car that they have forgotten the most IMPORTANT (fill in the blank) bit of paper, special broken clock, random plastic container, moshi monster,football card or dead bug...yes many a golden moment there (Que crying teething baby). But seriously there have been laughs, tears, kitty emergencies and many many many bits of bickering  
But now blessed summer camp has begun and ohh to have a few glorious mornings alone - or rather with the little napper! 
At long last I am beginning to sew again, hoping to reopen the etsy shop soon (end of August). 

So without further ado- a few pictures of the latest little Caper Collection toy- 
this is one for Giuseppe
 (there is a matching twin brother giraffe just like it a the newly opened 
lovely Prickly Pear shop in Rabat in Gozo). 

* Amid the forays to beaches and games of memory there has been a good deal of ice cream making and cold soup consuming. 
Recipes to come.  

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