03 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Grandma brought with her a favourite book, one from my childhood, a beloved Easter Story. 

Off to the wee Easter egg hunt....
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

31 March 2010

Wednesdays' Corner view: Spring

Spring and the start of pea season!

Enjoying the visit with the grandparents 
(this photo is totally unaltered, pretty blue huh!)
This was just before we took them to a place called Mgarr for rabbit, snails and some octopus! 

28 March 2010

Starting off the week

No this is not Malta, but it certainly caught my eye. This photo was taken in Holloko, Hungary. 'A girl tries to avoid being drenched as boys throw water during a pre-Christian fertility ritual known as 'watering of the girls' It is part of the Guardian's daily 24 hours in pictures. Here are a few more

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