25 September 2009

Colours of Fall: Day Five


Not sure if it totally counts but there are some nice shades of purple in this fabric by Heather Ross, and how sweet a name, Underwater Sisters (but really it's the octopuses that are the clincher for me) . This Fabric can be found on Etsy here at Uberstich.

24 September 2009

Colours of Fall: Day four


Not the most creative am afraid, we are at a flat by the sea right now, it's all blues, grey and big skyskapes of storm clouds. Decided to share this pillow, captures a bit of the feel of autumn for me.

23 September 2009

Fall Colours : Day Three


What girl goes without a bright yellow pair of shoes right?!  I think Malta must be having an effect on me, am going for bolder colours these days.
Here is day three of Elsie Marley's colours of fall week.

They are quiet a lovely mustard colour in real life but appear lighter in the photos.

22 September 2009

Colours of Fall: Day two

Certainly makes me want to get on a train and travel off into the sunset.
Not feeling totally satisfied with this, I looked back at some old photos and realised that for me
fall makes me think of my daughters, for they were both born during this season and I connect it to 
those last days of being pregnant and then the settling into winter with a new born. 
This is a photo from my older daughters birth, she was born at home, in Malta
(we were renting an old house in a place called Zebbug which means olives). 

This was our bedroom, the early afternoon light had an unusual effect on the room. This was one of my favourite things about this house.

20 September 2009

Autumn Colours Day One

I am joining the colours of fall week suggested over at Elsie Marley and today is the start. In ode to the colours of fall I am missing, here is a picture of a fabric I am taken with and what comes to mind when I think of fall... a comforting cup of tea.

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