13 September 2008


The end of an alley is certainly not the quietest place to live. In some ways this is nice though,  - with three smalls the noise of our house blends right in! But it's the echo effect which amazes me,  from the daily afternoon trumpet concert (the three hour practice session) of our neighbor which sounds like it is coming from inside our own walls to his spontaneous opera singing and of late the war like effect of the non stop (day and night) fire work explosions (mostly of the very loud bang sort) which I swear will give Stella a heart attack one of these days. Look forward to when our local feast is over. But to end this weekend of noisiness is a cd I am itching to buy- Emiliani Torrini... of which I have had the pleasure of hearing some bits from her new album- Me and Armini,  particularly like Big Jumps. 

12 September 2008


Of Cloves and Bitter Almonds by Lou Drofenik
Although it is all centered in Malta, I really enjoyed reading this book over the last few weeks. For anyone out there who wants a good read and to know a bit more about the history of Malta- I recommend it. Now time to find a new book. Perhaps a book set in Iceland... somewhere a wee bit cooler than here... it's been in the mid thirties since we arrived (upper 90's) and very very humid. 

Moved in!!!

Only taken us six weeks to get into the house.... at last it's ready enough for us to move in -so we have. It's day two and we have internet and a working computer!!!! Without the stern looks from in laws I broke from Maltese convention and took a morning walk with the children. Went to check out the local market, shops etc. here is a side street we went down. Needless to say the walk did us all good.  The kids survived the heat and wee bit of sun and thus are all sleeping soundly at nap time (something they rarely did at my in laws).  We bought fresh bread from the man in the van who goes around honking and sells it still hot from the oven out of the back of the van- yum. Also to my excitement found that the grocery stores here sell not only Maltese and British products but loads of French and Spanish brands too... you should see the selection of pasta choices and olive oils!!!!

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