26 July 2011

Songs and Swaps

Summer treasures 
: can include when you are lucky...
the discovery of a new song that you can not get enough of 
and if you are really really lucky a new group that strikes straight into your heart and soul
and ohhhh this one has me hooked!! 

Am behind (way behind) in my music exploration 
so maybe some of you out there know of this group already (especially you California folk). 
If you like Beirut (the group), Manu Chao or a gypsy like sound this group is FANTASTIC. 
Plus the main singer is like a character out of a story, what a life already!
By day a doctor by night a singer, child to immigrant parents from India she grew up in Southern France but lives in San Francisco  now.
Click on the links below if you would like to give a listen. 

The Swap- those of you based in Malta who would like to be part of a clothes swap for charity 
hop over to A fish in Malta blog for details 
about an upcoming frock swap this weekend. 

Wowzio Live Activity Feed

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