02 November 2008

oh heck - this school business has made me totally fall off the sewing/knitting/cooking bandwagon!! My days are now full of preparing lesson plans (one of my tasks is to develop a six week (30 lesson) course on Latin America- it's cultures, history, politics, economies and geographical aspects, etc.... which I am pretty excited about truth be told). Have been posted to a international school here (which follows a very broad theme when it comes to Social Studies (am teaching Judaism in another class). So creativity on the home-front has been reduced to nil. Maybe my next post will be a power point presentation on the Mayans... or would that bore you all....? 
Other big (round here) news is Stella is 1 and for her quccija (pronounced Uchia, which is a Maltese tradition when a child turns one- consisting of choosing an object that represents his/her future career- life path) she walked straight over to the calculator - then with the other hand grabbed a pen...... ahh hummm the math side of her genes have maybe won. Photo featured above.

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