17 September 2010

Happy Weekend

What a sweet parcel arrived today!!! 
Thank you Janis, I love the hand printed  bag and card...mmm nothing like that soft sweet smell of lavender!!!  Love the card you made as well. A good reminder to breath in,  and relax,  I have a bad case of last minute nerves at the moment, a new job  teaching history starts this week! Teenage students and full time work... will I manage?! 
Hope the rest of you out there have a relaxing weekend! 

15 September 2010

Wednesday's cornerview: 'seven'

Seven delicious little stroop waffles from the Netherlands, 
perfect with our afternoon tea, thank you Guusje! 
For more corner views go here

By the way, here was the look out the window at midday today- it's time again for rain, summer is at its end. Storms thundering in  - pomegranate season has started. 

the rooftop view

14 September 2010

Back from America

Hope you all are well. My trip to the states for the funeral of my grandmother was bitter sweet.  I still deeply regret that I did not get the chance to see her in person one last time before she passed away but going to where she lived and being around family and her old friends gave a very soothing, peaceful kind of closure. I am including in this post a few old family pictures of her.

Young Alice second from right

Alice, in the center

Grown Alice with her daughter

Alice, second from left, with her siblings.

A photo of my great grandmother's wedding, don't you love those hats! 

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