04 December 2009

Guess what came in the post??!!

This was part of the autumn home made swap- Guusje you are a star!!! I so completely love the hat and scarf you made me and yes, I will be using it!!!Thank you Thank you!! It's beautiful, soft cozy and I love the colours you chose!!!

Counting down the days

Advent time, this is the middle picture of a three part advent calendar we brought back from Germany, really like this artist's style (Binette Schroeder).
Other happenings in these parts, that post graduate teaching course (madness) of last year is completed, graduation was last night. Yippy!  Bit of champagne and donned the gown. Rain and christmas sewing projects in the wings now.

02 December 2009

A smile for the everyday

Nothing like a blushing pear, of course you make me smile.

01 December 2009

Today I picked up my official Maltese citizenship, so guess what..as of today I am Maltese !
(and American) can finally join the rest of my family in the EU passport line.

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