28 March 2009

Fennel Salad

My other half ( the one with Mediterranean blood), got inspired lately and made a fantastic Saturday lunch (fresh sea bream from the local Sunday fish market)  roasted potatoes and my favourite bit- the salad. Not being so keen on Fennel in the past I was surprised how much I loved this taste-of-summer salad, a simple fennel, fresh mint and orange salad. 

Fennel, mint and orange salad
half a bulb of Fennel, sliced and cooked till tender in boiling water(3-5 min) , fresh chopped mint (7-10 leaves), one orange peeled and cut into bite size pieces, (separately mix lemon juice, olive oil, little white vinegar, salt and pepper in a jar) toss with remaining ingredients shortly before serving.  

My son came to tell me he made a picture of he and his sisters... bit alien like, I believe the square headed one is himself.  
Because I just have so much time on my hands...(not at all)  but I can't keep away from that 2 am work time- I decided to make a social studies blog for my students-complete with links (exploding volcanoes, Hindu dances etc.).  So if you have any interest in The Second World War, Tourism and the Environment, Ancient India or Globalization give it a look - (one more week of teaching practice to go) will miss my students and the school.   

25 March 2009

Bits and bobs

No time for films am afraid, I am totally out of the loop. Books same story but here is a recent find (not a bright first thing in the morning sort of song) but lovely just the same by Roakia Traore

Also in my search for some second world war songs to share with my students I came across this song (It's been a long long time) pretty sweet. How hard it must have been for all those families separated by the war . 

I have been on the look out for a few good new children's books, (my sons fifth birthday is around the corner)  . This one seemed interesting, it's by the same author who wrote Blueberries for Sal (an American classic I think).

22 March 2009

So wish I could buzz myself back to the UK

To meet some new babies and to go see this play - England People Very Nice-if anyone out there goes to see it, please do let me know what you thought of it! 

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