09 May 2009

Martin Ramirez

Today, a wonderfully slow mothers day morning (happy mothers day to all you mums out there)  I actually took time to sit on the sofa, cuddle with the kids, leisurely sip coffee and opened the economist for a read....  and something about the description of this artist (only recognised as an artist after his death) struck me, perhaps it is the fact that he is a migrant, maybe it's that trains often appear in his work or perhaps it was the fact that he made art in whatever way he could (for the last 32 years of his life he lived in a mental hospital) . Originally from Mexico he travelled to the states in the 1920's to work on the railroads to support his family. He was a self  taught isolated man.... I found some pictures of his work in a show called Outsider Art. Recently his artwork was gathered and featured in the American Folk Museum - here are a few of his pieces. 

03 May 2009

It's strawberry season here

so it's all sorts of crepes, ice creams and what not with strawberries at the center in our house.
Why the photo of MIA..... let me explain  

as we were eating dinner my middle one started humming and next thing we knew... all I wanna do is  Bang Bang Bang and clinck - take your money...   merrily sang both Tano and LIliana..... (they only heard it once in the car!!!) 
this is from a song called Paper Planes by MIA and we did play it in the car today....  
apparently that was enough... now how do I undo that?? Can just imagine them singing this at school tomorrow- good god!  I must admit that since seeing slum dog millionaire I have grown to like her music and so too this song.... admittedly it does get stuck in the brain.  Here are the two clips MIA singing - and the video from slum dog 
Now the odd situation.. how to explain ( to a two year old and three year old) why they should NOT be singing this song round town.

Back to those strawberries - our recent favourite desert - strawberries with balsamic vinegar with marscapone on top 
(you soak about 200 grams chopped strawberries with around a tablespoon of sugar and two table spoons of balsamic vinegar for 30 min) then add the marscapone on top.
 This is actually a really a nice combination... strawberries with a a tiny zing... 

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