01 December 2011


Its been a loooong time since I have put to use my carving tools, was so fun to do a few stamps for Christmas, (initially I made them to print on gift bags for the Market) but it also functioned as a fun rainy day project, to get the kids and I into the Christmas mood.
Complete with cheesy Christmas music and thick Italian hot chocolate!

They began just after they came back from Saturday sports club thus the lovely orange atire!

29 November 2011

Catching a breath

Last weekend I participated in my first Christmas Market,
and I so enjoyed the experience! A tad tiring as I was on my feet for nearly 10 hours (being 7 months pregnant) but great to speak with people, network with other artists and to sell my handmade pieces. Foolishly I did not have the chance (was busy preparing right up to the end) to take photos of most of my work so I will include a few shots here, as well as some photos of the event taken by Denise Scicluna at the Patches Christmas Market which took place in the old Market in Valletta last Sunday. 

A part of my stall is featured on the right 


Live Music

Lastly a not so clear photo of myself and my stall

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