07 July 2011


Liliana in the San Anton Gardens

Finished at last!!! 
Hop, skip, jump for joy!
Last of the exams corrected, reports sent off, classroom cleared out.  sigh
My first year of teaching behind me! Changing career paths after the bubble of having kids was a major move and this first year of full time teaching - and teaching subjects I knew very little about initially was CHALLENGING, would never in a million years have guessed I would get to know so much about Mediterranean history and more specifically Maltese history!

Also learned to drive this year, something I hesitated doing for (good god) 20 years! Ever since a bad accident scared me when I was almost 16. 
Ohhh my the freedom!!  
Am so happy to be exploring the little tiny maze like roads around this island. Also to be able to take the gang to the beach, parks or where-ever at a moments notice.

Caper Collection is back! -  am sewing again and madly trying to finish enough bits and bobs for the artisan market this Sunday (those of you in Malta do come by)! 
(Etsy shop soon to be back up and running).

Last but not least,  a wee bit of extra news -  it seems a little spirit out there thought our family was not complete yet- so by January if everything goes smoothly there will be four children in this house! Crazy.

Apologies for being so silent these last few weeks, am happy to be back and finally able to stop and visit your blogs and respond to emails and comments properly. 
* * *  

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