18 February 2010

A toast to Friday, glad you are back again!

It's blood orange season here (laring ta dem), a welcomed return.  I am still getting used to the intense colour of their juices. Ahh but they do have such a nice particular taste, as probably many of you know. Unfortunately our gang of smalls refuses to give them a try. It has turned warm here, spring almost summer is in the air. 

Am happy today

President Obama is not bowing down to Chinese pressure and will indeed be meeting with the Dalai Lama.
I am in awe of this very wise and compassionate being, and feel very blessed to have had the chance to meet him.

17 February 2010

Wednesday's cornerview: Wisdom from an elder

which means let me tell you something. in Maltese.....
  this is a VERY common phrase here, when you hear this word you may want to find a chair or bench to sit on, because it could be awhile. Not that I am complaining, storytellers like these are a dying breed.
For more cornerviews go to Spaindaily.
Photo care of Malta vista

15 February 2010


Carnival was fun this year (unfortunately we did not manage to take many photos of smiles and surprised faces, which honestly there were a lot of). The floats and dressed up dancers were highly entertaining for our little people. Next year I will plan better (she says) and try to make all their costumes from scratch. 

*Notice our Mr. T making sure to show us he is smiling through his robot costume, while the mermaid lady a barrel of smiles.

Little D has discovered  the robot costume and is often found walking(should I say bumping) around in it! 

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