06 March 2010

Bit of fun


The Mr. spotted this new ok go video and from the start  the three smalls and I  could not take our eyes off it- quite fun. Specially my five year old son--- was completely transfixed.
I love the falling umbrellas and the tinkling glasses.

Their old video is pretty fun too in case you haven't stumbled across it.

04 March 2010

Happy Friday

Thoughts of spring dresses in the air here

so too that jolt of better get back into shape-ness that comes around this time of year. Finally started running again, down around the little Kalkara bay,  I will take some photos, I think its a very pretty bay  in that, forgotten rustic sort of way.

oh and other going ons- little D got a hair cut

02 March 2010

Wednesday's Corner view: coffee companion

Rainy day latte with my wee one, how calm and pleasant it can be with just one.
I have so many memories of braving cafes with two toddlers and a nursing baby, trying to park with one hand a double buggy laden with groceries (under the stern disapproving stares from waitstaff). Biding time with home made apple muffins which would quickly get trampled, dainty sugar bowls explored and glasses too near  edges often meeting with the floor. Can actually sit in comfort and peace now, even with all three, things have mellowed out, they can sit and talk, play I spy among themselves or draw for a good 30 minutes rather than needing to get up and run in circles. 
At last I may slowly drink an entire coffee before it goes cold or gets spilled. 
Shame so many of my fellow mum friends live so very far away. I am prone to bouts of nostalgia and these are sometimes the moments I miss those friends and places such as Bills,  Carluccios, The Bridge Cafe or Lazy Janes but I can not complain with wonderful cafes at hand here such as Prego, pictured above for example.
For more corner views go here

01 March 2010


"Happiness showed up today, 
a silver throated 
mocking bird
with the sweetest song
I ever heard
it flashed across the sky"

"the only moment we can hold is this one going by..."

These are parts of a song called Happiness by a singer song writer called Beth Nielsen Chapman (she has written songs for Bette Milder, Niel Diamond, Elton John ). 
I heard this song on BBC Radio 4 woman's hour during an interview.  She wrote this song  while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, on a day she was feeling especially blue, the day all her hair fell out. She said she was thinking about what happiness would look like if it walked through the door. 

Its amazing how much in life we take for granted. 

note: she survived the breast cancer and is happily writing songs and living life to the fullest now ten years on.

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