16 March 2010

Wednesday's Corner View: The Front Door

I couldn't seem to decide on just one door,  so decided to included a few that have caught my eye.

1.(upper left) - The grand old door which we walk the children past on their way to school, which is covered in dust and looks as if it has not been opened in many many years.
Have been more than a little  tempted to peek in the key hole!
2. (upper right)  this grey house with its tarnished blue door for some reason makes me wonder about the woman of the house.... what kind of face would you find if it opened? Perhaps a stern older woman with silver streaked hair...
3.(lower left) a tucked away old ally (which there plenty of here in Zabbar), something about that  short door at the end... how many hundreds of years has it been sitting there looking out? Somehow I imagine a garden behind it...perhaps some orange trees or a huge overgrown fig tree?
4. (lower right) the greenery overgrown, a golden door on a small street in the silent city of Mdina, high up on the hill, if only this door could speak....

Which one would you most like to open?  

14 March 2010


The sun is back, the circling foxes have shyly laid down their weapons and grudges and made amends. It is amazing what just spending time together can do. Not to mention a tango lesson and lattes at the near by sweet shop ... yes the stars once again are aligned in our house and I feel ready for a new week to begin and guess who is coming...

Still not sure?

Grandpa and Grandma from across the big pond!! 
(these two last photos were taken where we used to live, Winchester, England)

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