27 January 2013

After some days of ominous dark clouds, howling winds and downpours of rain interspersed with hail, came some sun. So off to the countryside we went, packing a backpack with a blanket, the Sunday paper, a thermos of hot chocolate, metal mugs and some snacks. 

The children were all given the ok to 'bringsomething small with you if you really must' 

The Things they carried

Tano - eldest - age 8 : a book, a small self made diary complete with a pencil strapped to the cover and two paper air planes, also a small toy for the baby.

Magpie - second child- age 7 : toy bunny, seven small moshi monsters, a brush, a small wooden box containing a collection of over thirty glass marbles.

Desructo- third in line- age 5: a pencil case, one piece of paper (she is learning to write letters) and two metallic candy wrappers (it is unclear whether these came to the countryside with candy in them or not).

a small insight into their characters no?


Even if I was down with a cold it felt so good to sit in the sunshine amid the olive and pine trees. 

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