15 January 2011

New books and tunes

From the book Orlando the Marmalade Cat, a camping holiday.
Pictured above is his wife singing to the family before bed.
Nothing like some new books to start the new year off right-
 (on my end Country Driving, a journey through China from farm to factory)

As for music- this is the latest hit in our house.
The original song that my kids got hooked on in the car yesterday and which may well become the theme song for the start of 2011 and this is a version that is pretty darn sweet.

09 January 2011

Happy New Year

(after dinner round the tree)

We are all back to the small rock (it is green and bursting with flowers at the moment)
Just in time for school to begin tomorrow. 
Our adventure into the snowglobe of Wisconsin was like some kind of dream, candlelit dinners with many near and dear. Sledding hills and late night walks under that blue stillness of moonlight on snow. 
Sleeping late (eight counts as late in my world),  
sitting next to the fireplace putting together small pieces of a puzzle (perhaps an overly ambitious one) sipping eggnog or hot toddies. 
Slowing down felt wonderful.

Coming home...to our noisy alley. and our little home.
The kitty safe, well cared for and rounder. The inlaws open arms
and ready for that bubble of little voices.
Yes coming home
can be a kind of sweetness too. 

Now facing work- the hard bit.. 
I hope to post and visit others but I fear these next few months will be again running to stand still... 
I will do my best. 
I hope you have enjoyed the turning of another year and that there are some tender memories you too are folding away for a rainy day. 
Happy 2011  

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