05 June 2012

Recently I have noticed bookended by brothers, my two daughters have quietly been growing in their closeness to each other as well as in their abilities. The little one in her focused attention to the 'homework' her older sister has 'asigned' and the elder in slipping off through the pages of a book. 
 Summer time reading is luscious, I am so happy to see her discovering this too!  
At the moment my Magpie is in the last chapter of 

and for myself...
I am slipping off to nurse happily with this book in my hand

 What about you? Any recommendations? 

03 June 2012

from weeks of fluttering about, sleepy eyed, with visitors and off visiting and generally happy 
but falling a bit behind (in everything). 
 some little tiny creature is finally resting for more than two hours at a time now and I have plans! 
So many plans! One of them is to step back into the rhythm of blogging. 
Wish me luck!   
Sorry to have been away so long!

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