29 July 2010

Friday already?!

 Ode to Jumble sales

jumble sale, garage sale, car boot sale ,flea market.. call it what you like..I'm a fan. 
It's like treasure hunting.

 I heard this little piece this week and thought  of ways I could hop over to London... I just love the idea of combining jumble sales and an afternoon out.
 There is no chance of finding anything close to it here. 

click on link to hear the radio clip.

Bit of local flea market bounty. 
(Every time I catch a glimpse of the blue pitcher it makes me smile.. )
The boy child of mine digs his new tin plane. old wind up toys never run out of batteries.  

26 July 2010

Ode to small creatures

So charmed by our time kitty sitting that we decided to enlarge our little family and get one of our own.  Meet Dash our newest addition! 

If he is not causing the children to burst out in excited giggles and squeals as he leaps and bounds after string or stray flip flops  he can be found curled up purring on my shoulder or lap as I sew or attempt to type.  

I grew up having all sorts of pets; 
dogs, cats, birds, mice, hamsters, rabbits and it has to be said I spent a good deal of my teenage years rescuing and raising baby squirrels, rabbits and birds. 
After  a 17 year gap I once again have a small furry creature at my side... 
I can't tell you how happy it makes me! 

And yes, the market last night went well!! So busy though (with customers and crazy winds blowing things willy nilly) that I neglected to take even a single photo! Sorry. 
It was worth all the effort of this last month (many a sewing session at 4:30 AM). Am feeling so relaxed now...time to clean up the neglected corners of my house and sweep away the sewing trail!
Happy Monday to you all! 

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