02 September 2010

Happy Friday

Have a good weekend!
 We shall be enjoying sharing our small local alleys and island treasures with sweet visitors,  (some of you may know) and then it is away to New York to be with family and friends for the funeral. 
So see you all in a week or so! 

31 August 2010

Necessity the mother of invention

My recent fix for the problem of earring storage, a strip of cloth attached to the inside hinges of our wardrobe doors, it's proving very handy. If any of you find your self in the same boat, this solution only takes an hour ( I did it by hand but with a sewing machine it would take 5 min).  Measure the distance between the hinges first. Then you make a fold at the top and bottom of the cloth strip, add a small tie through the loop at the back to tie it on at the top and bottom and your set! It in no way interferes with the opening or closing of the door.


29 August 2010

Looking forward

Thank you for all for your  thoughtful comments. Traveling state side in a weeks time for the funeral, looking forward to seeing my sisters, brothers, nephews, uncles, aunts and parents.

Recently the Mr and I walked down to this restaurant(Lupanara) in Birgu, it is literally built into a cave, along the backside of Fort St. Angelo, which dates back to the Phoenician period. Was a nice evening, and sitting out near the water we managed to catch a wee whisper of a breeze (the heat has been a little overwhelming these last weeks). 
**Side note. Am reading a book called the Sword and the Scimitar which describes the period when this area was a thriving hub of activity (1560's) - a good read if you like history and are at all interested in Malta. 

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