19 December 2009


Two down, one to go, maybe next year will do some for the 'big people'  or should it be kept just for the children? For the slightly melancholy leaning (and open to a folky interpretation) Sufjan Steven's christmas albums have won me over this year. To taste a wee bit click here.

17 December 2009


Phew, busy week here! Must give a brief update, the bed did get remade just in time (and I did have that glass of wine that evening) and we had a really lovely weekend with our friends. Which is what brings me to today's ponderings, that being the joys found in friendships but this time from the perspective of a mom witnessing the bonds children create with eachother. This weekend seeing how smoothly my son fell back into synch with his old friend (keep in mind he is only 5 years old) was heart warming to witness. After not having seen eachother in almost  two years it was unexpected the way the boys picked up just where they left off as if they had never been apart. The sign of a real friendship in my mind, for although both now live in different countries T in Malta and L in Italy they have enough in common that they seemed to have plenty to talk about.  They met as 6 wk olds on a summer day when we lived in England 5 years ago, breastfeeding under a shady tree. You just never know in life how or when you will meet someone who can become so dear and how this starts even at a young age. From cards, races, legos and tent building, bear hunting to sleep over pillow fights and endless giggles they were like exhausted happy puppies by the end of the weekend when it was time to say good bye. T was sad and whistful in a way I have rarely seen him the following day, and insisted on drawing L. pictures and beginning on preparing to send a parcel to Italy, (he also has taken to drawing maps, (which now prominently include Italy and Malta). Isn't it a delight when you meet a kindred spirit and low and behold your children also find a connection!
Lastly some recipes as I have received quite a few emails
first is the dipped figs and the mulled wine but I did make it and it was very good. I did not include the lime but did include everything else.

 Chocolate dipped figs 
8-12 Figs
1/2-3/4 cup Brandy
dark chocolate
1/2 cup walnuts

step 1. Make one small 2 cm incision on side of figs and place in a bowl, cover with brandy and set aside for a few hours to overnight.
step 2. Stuff each fig with some walnut pieces (you can toast the walnuts first) and form each so sitting on a plate.
step 3. Melt chocolate in a double boiler,  dip each fig (holding fig by the tip so it's important you don't cut the top parts off).
once they are all dipped place in fridge and when hardened put in covered container.

and here is the mulled wine recipe I used (honestly a really nice one) I think the key thing is making the syrup and the fact that his recipe uses tangerine peel,star anis  and bay leaf (who would have thought bay?!) so thank you Jamie Oliver.


13 December 2009

Christmas Baking

Christmas cookies, chocolate dipped brandy soaked figs and St. Lucia Rolls
Mulled wine with local oranges and christmas spices
Friends candles small sweet gifts
late night tea side talks
There are so many rich comforting moments to be had at this season

I remember in Norway there was a word kose sig (am completely misspelling it) but the idea behind the word was to 'cosy yourself'  and that is just what I love about this time of year.
* (email me if you want any recipes for the above sweets or a very good recipe for Mulled wine).

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