17 February 2011

What one brings back from England (part 1)

Aside from hmm hmmm perhaps an item or two of clothing from H&M or White Stuff
is a BOOK! 
or two!
Am already lost in it and LOVING this book(thank you Adele), 
especially for those who have lived or traveled in India (or Nepal)you will 
with really enjoy this one!

Book 2 was
yet another you-know-what...(cookbook!)
I have a problem, I am a sucker for a nice looking cookbook,
this one is all vegetarian and will be put to use this weekend.

14 February 2011


from that city by the sea that I once called home- Brighton, England.
Slipped away solo for a few days to visit with friends, walk the lanes, and enjoy scrumptious delights in little cafes and restaurants. Feel very lucky to have been able to take the trip. 
Back now to Malta and to the task of guiding my students towards that looming horizon called mid yearly exams... off to steer the ship of anxious (and a few very rowdy) youths.

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