08 March 2012


Little D and Tano at Mistra Bay
On the sunny days round here you will find us dashing out to the countryside for a picnic , some flower picking, water colour painting and ball throwing keep the children busy as the absent minded professor and I get to lounge with the paper, fresh bread, Italian cheeses and fruit. 
Making sure that our wee dragon child gets some sun. 

 And if its raining, hailing blustery and cold (which it has been for a good deal of the last month)-
 Then you will find me trying to heat up the house (this Midwesterner sooooo misses central heating). 

Yesterday's treat was my first go at Ginger snaps- a personal favourite. Goes well with a steaming cup of chai which I have also been indulging in on a nearly daily basis (more on that later).
The cookies were a hit, the recipe I used can be found here.

My latest find has been the foodgawker app - great for inspiration and new recipes! 
lastly a captured shot of the resident small dragon- who has learned to smile!

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