10 November 2011

6 years ago

in an old house, in a tiny village surrounded by olive trees 
on a small island in the sea 
you were born
my daughter 

Happy birthday 
 my brown eyed girl, 
my magpie
my middle child
my fellow scorpion
my collector
my drawer of fairies and rainbows 
my dear heart. 

06 November 2011


Graceless is the pregnant woman

The title for this post came to me as I walked out of a pleasant interview, 
not a job exactly but volunteering for an organization that I believe does great work here on the island. 
Somehow in the brief span of half an hour I managed to spill some of the water from my water bottle before it reached my mouth.  tip my purse off a chair while sitting in a quiet waiting room(contents including all sorts of random kid things like crayons, toy cars, a chunky plastic kids ring ..all spilling across the floor, (keep in mind it is difficult to lean down nonchalantly when you have a basketball shaped belly). Then while in the presence of the head of the organization, a  calm and cool smiling lawyer, I went to lean on the arm rest with that look of interest as I was listening and missed it, making a very awkward dip towards the floor- I must have blushed crimson. Yes clumsy is the way I feel and my very very limited wardrobe now that the weather has shifted does not help. Nor the lumbering pace I seem to have acquired. When did I start to huff and puff carrying the laundry up to the roof!? 
Yes, pregnant women (at least in my case)- nearing the last months do many silly things like bump their belly into chairs, desks, people... not realizing just how far their circumference has grown.

May your Monday mornings be starting out swiftly with speed and grace, like a bird in flight
and not like a whale in shallow water.

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