20 September 2008

Dinner out- what a novelty!

Off to Birgu (pictured here )
a 15 min walk from our door, I can't really complain. Italian opera is sending us on our way (that neighbour of ours is at it again- this time blasting old Italian records) at least its fairly romantic... almost makes me feel like I have walked into a movie set. No art projects accomplished this week- apart from making some cinnamon honey ice cream (which was tastey!) and an impromptu orange plum upside down tart today for guests, its been a rather quiet week here oh yes, found out I got accepted into a masters program which starts in gasp.. just over a weeks time! Right along side the Maltese lessons... busy days ahead. Buona notte from me and Andrea Bocelli.

16 September 2008


A day of pleasant surprises here.
This is one small something I came across and am very intrigued by- 
3191 - miles apart . This year it's evenings look here

14 September 2008

Our Lady of the Graces

Last night we went to the culmination of the week long local feast here in Zabbar. In celebration of the patron saint Madonna of the Graces. As we neared the church in the central piazza there were crowds of people lined up to go inside and then coming out, when I asked A. if there was a ongoing kind of mass or something he explained that this is when you either thank the Madonna for the miracle you asked for a year ago or you go to make a promise for the year to come. Although I am not religious I was tempted by the thought of having a focus for ones hopes...and wondered about what brought people as I watched the many old and young faces coming out ... old worried looking women, hopeful young couples... graying weathered  anxious looking men...(as I struggled to hold hands with my two wanderlust children) the third got to go inside the church on A's back and seemed to fully enjoy the lights and splendor.  

Not to go on too long about this feast but it is also well known here in Malta for it's Motorcycle (and now bicycle as well) pilgrimage around the island which finishes at the church on the Sunday ( sorry didn't manage to take any photos) . Also it (like many villages in Malta) has two very popular local marching bands which march round the town the day before the procession with the statue(which was last night). The bands known as the 'blue band club' and the 'green band club'  each have their own home building/restaurant/bar and devote followers. In the past the band clubs and their respective followers have come to blows so it's a wee bit tense  round these parts. Half our ally is decked out in green banners, lights etc. and the other half are all done up in blue. 

window shopping again

We are on the look out for cushion covers for our sofa (our first new sofa ever)  should be simple to make and  I know I ought to make some myself but I was browsing through ... yes...etsy and came across this woman's pillows- wow.... what a great selection of fabric!!! Wish I had spare beds and more sofas to justify needing more of her pillows... how can I possibly choose just one!

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