18 September 2009

Changing seasons - Rummien

They say here with the September rains, it's the sound of the thunder that cracks the pomegranates open and then you know it's time, they are ready. While passing under it's tree on our walk today, we spotted our first cracked open one.

It's the small things sometimes

Like today, I set aside all major projects, cleaning tasks and to do list of errands and took all three children on a long walk to Birgu (equipped with a stroller and a picnic lunch). We had such a good time, trying out some unknown side paths, spotting not three but six little salamanders (or so they call them), test flying Tano's little paper model plane, going up and down on the see saw, the children were so good, with all the walking, heat and tricky streets to cross they did not complain once (not usually the case). One of those days you so enjoy being a parent and getting to spend time with your children. I wish this was true every day.
The pictures, while A. was away in Portugal last week and I was on my own with the kids, the Zabbar feast was in full swing. I took the kids through the crowded streets, to the band marchs, fire works, little stalls (am not normally much of a crowd person) but I managed and this was one of my favorite parts.... strolling round a familar little piazza to find an angel, or rather a tall painted wooden statue of some angel, they suddenly appear all over the city during the week of the feast. There is something uplifting to me me about turning a corner and seeing an angels wing or the bare foot of a temporary statue. Here are some close ups.

16 September 2009

2 minutes

I stepped away for a moment, just a minute... and whalaa two cups of milk added to the playdough...nice. Needless to say that was the end of the playdough, which perhaps was good timing- it was all looking the colour of a dirty toad. As much of a pain as playdough is (the tiny bits you find squashed on the floor, in carpets, on shoe bottoms, hidden inside legos weeks later) it does certainly keep my gang very occupied.. I would go as far to say an hour.. which is an eternity with my lot. Am sure there is some flour based make it yourself recipe out there I can find on line. I hope!
Till the next posting, a song that off and on gets stuck in my head -Don't Fence Me In by Cole Porter , (only ok sounding version I can find at the moment) the horse bit is a little creepy.

15 September 2009

Can I visit?

Although we have bought our old house and are still slowly setting things up here in Malta, I seem to have caught the house design bug and stumbled upon this site the other day DWELL. Without meaning to, a broom and the mop to my side (dinner dishes and the kitchen floor to attend to as A. had bed time honours with the children). I got a bit side tracked and before I knew it a good half hour had passed. Maybe I am missing Grand Designs (admittedly one of the shows I miss from the UK). Here are some pictures of houses I wouldn't mind visiting. The last one is from a section called scrap houses, all made from scraps of material- love it.

13 September 2009

That crush

I saw her again, that beauty of a car, wonder if I can talk the old man into selling it. The colour, the details, I just love it. I used to cross paths with this Morris car every now and again while walking my children to school.

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