28 November 2009

Told you I was charmed, here are just a few more... admit I am a fan of the palat in Munich .. a lot of natural earth tones... did come to the conclusion that mustard yellow and this kind of orange seem to be  the city's signature colours.

Chocolate and jewlery shop...not a bad combo.
 Yes Schmuck is Jewlery, (it's not how my mother used it growing up).

The coolest paper store I have ever seen, I walked in and thought that just maybe I had died and gone to heaven... the walls were covered in the most exquisite papers, (three rooms worth, floor to ceiling)..

A seriously dangerous for a person such as myself.... I think I looked as if I was seeing god.... mouth open in a daze of disbelief.
Pictures can not do it justice. I did come out with a blank book to add recipes too.

Wish I had taken some shots of their Japanese paper section... it was very inspiring. Such beauty.

See, we caught fall!!!  Just at the end of her golden exit.

And back we are to Malta... weekend stroll in the countryside with friends.

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Childhood home
 Am missing the smell of a cooking turkey and the zesty tang of cranberries and orange zest bubbling on the stovetop. Then  there is the busy whirr of tidying the house, polishing the silver, finding the good linen and usually borrowing extra chairs from neighbours. Someone vacuuming, someone playing old Marvin gay albums and some combinations of the sisters beginning on the evenings sweets while drinking tea or wine and chittering like birds. Digging up grandma's stained hand written recipe for pumpkin muffins, or opening the heavy volume of Joy of cooking looking for just the right gravy tips. Brothers trudging off in the snow for the last minute forgotten items.
The temperature in Wisconsin would usually start to have that sharp cold edge and occasionally with the darkening afternoon light came the quiet entrance of snow. I come from a big family and during the Thanksgiving meal it always multiplies to include old family friends, new partners, new children and any visitors who happen to be in town that day.
Am thankful today for good friends close and far and family in all the spread out places you are, and for having a home, and being able to cook food for the ones i love (even if they complain). My heart goes out to those who are far away from loved ones and those that may not be living in safety and warmth.

* Here in Malta its 80 degrees, sunny and just like any other day. A work day, a school day a hang out the laundry and run to the shops for milk day but I am baking some pumpkin for a pie.

25 November 2009

Hello again!

Been away- sorry the silence.

First was knocked down with a cold and a two year old who decided it was high time to act the part in all the frustrating determined will-power ways she can.
Second was a birthday (this time my own) so no party favours to make.
And hey hey a trip- minus children!!
I love my children, every inch of their teeny grubby (did I say that?!) little bodies but a three day break with the Mr. was absolutely grand. First time we have been alone together in five years (for more than a night)- amazing that it's been so long!! The sheer delight of simply checking ones bags in at the air port and strolling (safely and calmly through duty free bottles of expensive alcohol (usually this is a continuation of high stress due to the three free ranging sets of hands running in usually three different directions ensues).
So even that first hour alone together waiting for our gate to be posted was like the honeymoon we never had! To meander our way through a new city, no time schedule, good beers to try, nice wholesome dark bread around every corner and so many nice cafes!! Best of all was to lie in bed, reading the paper or talking - UNINTERRUPTED...so am  feeling revived and wanting to relocate to  Germany.

rather fancy this as my house.....
A few pics of Munich- a truly delightful city!!

 I even got a small taste of fall!!! The smell and crunch of some autumn leaves... love love loved it!

Hope you all have been well!
p.s. I may have to post a few more Germany pictures, was mighty charmed by our visit!

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