25 June 2010

Corner View: Noticing (late)

My absent minded professor has been away these last two weeks, lost in a conference of maths and logic. He was away for my first art fair, fathers day, our anniversary and my job offer (teaching history). In some way it feels like its been years and not just a few weeks. It is terrible to say that it takes him being away to make me realise how much he means to me... but I suppose in the whirr of life with smalls it is easy to get caught up in the to do list of every day, every week...perhaps do a little too much nagging etc.  Having him gone makes me notice .. notice how much he means to me, to us all, the children really miss him. I realise just how much he helps me keep my pace, makes me laugh and supports me through phases of second guessing myself which I so appreciate. 
I am so thankful for having him in my life. Silly coffee machine ruler, fellow radio addict, foodie, 
travel lover, planner and love.
The whole island feels different without him. Am so glad he will be returning next week. 

21 June 2010

Happy Monday

Tis Fig Season again here! Actually to be specific it is the season of Bajtar ta' San Gwann (the big purple soft figs) will be cooking some with a tiny bit of port and orange zest tonight (have eaten so many raw that I think its time to try out other methods). The season is only about three weeks long and there are not so many days left... you know what I am planning next- but of course - Ice cream! So we can savour the taste just a little longer into summer. There are actually three different fig seasons here in Malta. So this most likely won't be the last of my posts on them (Tin).

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