12 July 2008

Longing north

In the midst of selling off nearly everything in the house (worried about the children going into panic mode) as coffee tables, bookshelves, desks and beds go walking out the door (to be 'looked after' by someone else) I sit during that mid day pause (nap time) and catch myself getting drawn to Danish products online.  Think I will forever have a longing for Scandinavia. Here is a book I am very tempted by.
Perhaps after four years in Malta I can convince A to move to ... say Bergen. 

10 July 2008

For the love of Radio

Another very wet day here in Winchester. While Stella napped and the bigger kids were at nursery I skipped spending the morning folding laundry, running errands and organizing dinner to just sit and sew. While doing this I listened to some interesting programs on the radio,  sipped tea and wondered if not sewing from a pattern is such a good idea. 
I was impressed with how supportive (of Obama) and clear John Edwards was in the interview on talk of the nation on Tuesday (NPR) and was in awe of just how slimy Jack Gerard, the new head of oil in the U.S. seemed, to me it sounded like he was basically saying - we need to drill in protected areas  but in a very hpney coated way.  He very much reminded me of the main character from the film Thank You for Smoking. Caught as well the program on Fresh Air with the interview of Don Bachardy am now kind of tempted to see the film. Although it wouldn't appear from the outset the relationship between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy was one of true romance ( the thirty year but in the end it did seem to be a real story of love. I for one was moved by the frankness and admiration Don had about the whole relationship.  Did also listen to BBC Radio Four woman's hour program talking about the woman who is trying to save tigers.. a little  fluffy but was entertaining and all in all it was a very nice morning. Feel like I have a lot to ponder over. Ohh do I love radio!  
Here is the fruit of my morning- a little summer dress for Stella. 

Great resource

Ok so I am a bit behind in some things - can't believe I hadn't heard of this before now- to my morning coffee state of mind this seems like such a brilliant idea! Check it out- Whip up

09 July 2008

Undecided piece of sewing

Another product of today's sewing time -at the moment it's a pillow cover but am thinking I could make it into something else.... folded over as a wallet perhaps.... open to suggestions.  Do think I would like to make a bigger version (and take my time a bit more) perhaps a set of place mats.  

The race

Or so it sometimes feels, an hour and half before all three children finish their naps isn't long. The clock is ticking away... managed to make this little dress for Stella- it's a trial run really. Not so sure about the neckline.. I used some left over ribbon type fabric from the apron I made Carolina a few weeks ago.  Another made up one - pattern to be drawn (needs some tweaking). 

08 July 2008


Again window shopping- when I really don't have time.  I do so like this retro shop- H is for home  again just looking. Being as we are soon to be setting up a new 'home'  I am very drawn to these sorts of things lately. 

07 July 2008

Air planes

A second try, here is that same table cloth - different variation. Really starting to feel guilty that I have been making (apart from one pajama bottom) girls things.. need to start on something for Tano. 


This cool little train conductor style hat that was given to Gaetano (my son) by his grandma was so loved and then very sadly within the week lost. Blame the out of town zoo- the thrill of seeing that baby giraffe just eclipsed all else and somehow it must have been taken off and laid down somewhere along the way. Unfortunately we don't have a car and thus can't get back there to get it back. Sad. Winchester doesn't have the best options for finding another summer sun hat- it's Monsoon which is lovely but costs an arm and a leg or BHS which is well not worth the effort. Not that we are getting a whole heck of sun here. Come Malta though it would be handy to have a hat.  


Etsy is just plain dangerous - you go just to have a wee look around and end up getting totally hooked on something that you suddenly feel you MUST have or better yet- must try to recreate. 
This is my latest - ohh niiiccceee find. Clever woman check out her store here

06 July 2008


Tempting very tempting, wall stencils what a good idea! 

 This weekend is the Winchester hat fair (or what I would call a local summer festival) full of street performers, music and face painting stalls carried on in true British style regardless of the wind and rain. Apparently Winchester's Hat Fair is the country's longest running street theatre festival, it's named after the tradition of throwing money into a performers hat. 
The local parks and area surrounding the cathedral were full of people (us included) having picnics, making fairy wings, trying out circus equipment, watching performances and the smalls riding on the carousel ( very cool and old). More rain is looming overhead today so we may opt for a inside project sort of day and skip the third day of festivities. So much for summer sun.   

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