11 June 2009

Last hurdle

Certainly has felt like one fast hurdle race these last two weeks but I think I can see the finish line now and am feeling just a bit more optimistic about it all.... can even think about cooking.. inspired again at last-(fresh swordfish in a Maltese green pepper, caper and tomato sauce tonight) and the first type of local figs are in season.... so delicate and delicious! 
Must admit to having indulged in a wee bit of retail therapy lately..(thanks Zara) (the second photo is a dress I would love to buy but can't quite afford just yet). 
What can I say it's summer and for the first time in nearly four years I am not pregnant or breast feeding- bring on summer dresses!    

Also have at last been able to give my kids some attention- went to St. Antons gardens yesterday- they were thrilled to see the peacock strutting his tail, the turtles sunning themselves in the pools and the wallabies (small kangaroos) at the Melita cafe (the small baby one is well worth a seeing).  

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