08 April 2010

Should you fancy.....

a visit to Malta, 

staying at this house in Valletta is not such a bad choice. 

It is far more grand than our wee little house on Miracle lane. 

(Must admit I am a fan of this quirky little kitchen) 
Click here for more information Valletta G-House. 

07 April 2010


A new pastime of my son's is drawing little maps. 
This one he made just before lunch yesterday detailing the morning's adventures. It was the last day of my parent's visit, they left before dawn today, school begins tomorrow and a return to the 'normal' routine resumes. Always a bit strange when loved visitors set sail back for their own homes. 
The house is a bit quieter. more still.  
Happy memories still waver in the air though. 
Apologies for being so silent these last few weeks, have been rediscovering the wonders of the islands with my parents.
**Apologies no corner view this week, I just didn't manage it. Will be sure to jump in for next week though. For this weeks Wednesday's corner view  'Vending Machines' go here

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