22 January 2009

Home Sick

Down with the flu this week, and now my husband and son are too, am sure the girls will soon follow- endless cups of tea ahead! Must admit though, after the many weeks now  (since moving to Malta) of this new routine- up early out the door by 7 and not  home till after 6 .. it's been so nice to just BE  HOME ...really appreciate it.. it's not a weekend filled up with activities. 
A totally no expectations (apart from get some rest) day. Helps that's it's a completely miserable day out- pouring with rain and howling with wind.  Glad I got to forgo lectures and be home, let the kids cuddle up in front of our one little heater, with blankets and cups of tea,  putter about .. make warming soup for lunch..... the house finally has some life in it. It does feel so wrong to come home to an empty cold house every day... I think part time work would be just the ticket.... this full time back to school business is pretty demanding.
Not too much else exciting to say other than it's been a slow inside day with the family.
Featured in the picture are two books the children got for Christmas... a sick day is a perfect day for endless stories.  

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