20 January 2014

There comes a time in a family with four children when you as parents,  
become very aware that you have become outnumbered. 
That is where we find ourselves now, with our youngest, 'Beppe' turning two. 
Our feisty rolly polly little one is officially off with his older siblings, part of the gang, be it dancing to the frustratingly catchy Frozen songs while jumping on beds, playing cards (or trying to), drawing sprawled out on the floor with every possible reachable pencil or crayon or hiking down the trail. This changing over is most evident at the start of meals, the bubble of noise comes thundering in with the children, their laughter, squabbles, stories and frustrations fill and quickly dominate the space. 
At the moment we seem to be drifting quickly into the background and finding ourselves holding on to each other for stability and sanity. Are they out of control, perhaps at times it feels that way, do we often roll our eyes at one another from across the room after a question or situation comes up- yes, do we love them so much it hurts-  yes, would we have it any other way...no.
One day we hope to travel footloose and fancy free, leisurely stop for coffee and talk for hours as we once did but that feels a very long way off at the moment. So from the centre of the lively circus that is my life  I bid you good day and goodnight.

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