11 April 2009


If only I could crochet! Having too much fun looking through this shop's website (The Curiosity Shop) ... ought to be writing essays... but seriously how impressed would my son be if for his birthday I made him an octopus! 

Am not organising a party but if I were - there is something I find really appealing about this woman's designs,  here is her website.  Almost reason enough for throwing some kind of special gathering.

09 April 2009

Easter Week in Malta

Id-Duluri or Our Lady of Sorrows,  is one of the major processions to take place during the Easter week here in Malta. It is celebrated in most villages throughout the island. A very sombre affair. Following the statue are large crowds of people saying prayers.  

06 April 2009


Madeline and Pepito are the latest bed time requests, I do love some of the illustrations and unusual lines.
The warm weather has inspired me to make ice cream again, this time I invented a very dark chocolate ice cream with slivered almonds, prunes and a bit of orange zest, it came out really well, so well that it got devoured by our Sunday guests and thus no chance for a photo. Will certainly be making it again and will include a picture and the recipe (email me if you want it sooner).

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