02 May 2009

small island life

27 April 2009

Only in Malta

This thought crosses my mind pretty often here.....at times like when A. was translating a piece of mail that came the other day (asking us when we wanted to book a blessing of the house by the local church) or  moments when I stroll past our tiny local dvd rental shop and notice that they have decided to expand business to include shoes (so amid the isles of horror films you have a few nicely displayed high heel shoes) ...random. A few others are that people are really into thinking up their own 'cool slogan' usually roughly translated on the back of their car or bus (classy, I know) -  things like this one we saw last week, 'don't look at the car, look at the driver' or 'what a life, without a wife' or 'put your lipstick, on my dipstick'!!! .  Many of the buses also have slogans across their front- one I saw recently was 'words don't come easy'... as you may have guessed all the buses in Malta are privately owned and run, so it's hard to find two exactly the same (apart from the colour code).

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