04 August 2010

Like some old time roving hobos

Pokey Lafarge and the 3 c's
This made me smile SMILE .. late last  night while sewing.... perhaps I am missin my lil sister and her guitar playing  (and making) husband... this music makes me think of them. Seems straight out of a different era. I like this guy's face- he is like a living cartoon or something. 
What a name ...Pokey. Find more info here.

03 August 2010

day dreaming

So when I am not deep in history books I may be found, sitten in the sun, feet in the kiddy pool, sippen home made lemonade and dreamin of having something like this (found here) in one room or another of my itty bitty house... you see I do miss the constant sight of trees... life in Malta brings with it the constant sight of stone, and at this time of year with the light from the reflection of the sun so intense that there is not much to do but look down. 

A good simple lemonade recipe (makes 2 litres of lemonade concentrated). 
You only need to pour about an inch and half in a tall glass and fill the rest with ice, cold water and a sprig of mint (dash of rose water is pretty nice if you have some on hand- trick from a Lebanese roommate back when I was at University).
7 lemons
600 grams sugar
1.5 litres water

step 1. squeeze the lemons and set aside the juice (reserve two of the rinds).
step 2. boil the sugar in the water along with the lemon rinds - till it has boiled for at least  5 min. 
step. 3 remove rinds and let the water cool, once cool combine with the lemon juice and store in fridge.
whoolaaaa you are good to go for at least a few weeks! 

02 August 2010

Changing gears

Hannibal Crossing the Alps
With the start of August comes a shift in focus... my head is in the books now days... preparing for teaching this fall... Maltese and European History... oh my is there a lot to cover! Luckily it's fascinating... 
Malta was truly in the cross paths of one Empire after another! 

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