27 October 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: 'Pondering'

Has it really been three years since little Destructo entered our lives?
Pondering Stella's start into the world today, she could not be happier at
 'turning twee'. 

(hat party to come!)

24 October 2010

Birthday thoughts..

Birthday time again here 
Desructo turns 3 this week 
my little magpie turn 5 a week after
the truth is with work blinding me like a mad blizzard
I have not been able to think beyond tomorrow. 
In a rare moment of sitting and drinking tea - I am inspired by some clever birthay ideas out there... 
like these ....
 a candy dress to a candy party By Fine little Day

an India theme By the creative Miko Designs

and rainbows by the by the very talented  Elsie Marley 

In all honesty I think this year may be a small balloon filled simple affair in the nearby Chinese garden... if by some miracle of the time fairy I manage to pull off anything more  I will make a post. 

Monday thunderstorms booming us into the new week here! 
Hope your Monday is off to a flashing start too! 

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