16 June 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: 'Daily'

Aside from the first thing- (coffee of course), and bread (delivered fresh to ones door if one were to leave a small bag and some cents in it), and some morning kisses 
the daily MUST is for me a bit of the 'outside world'.
Global News from the BBC, NPR's Fresh air and a bit of Woman's hour to keep me up to date on the 'going-ons' of happenings out there and cultures I feel connected to (ought to have some Norsk Radio).
Of late I have heard some shows that I can't stop babbling on about.. here are a few favourites
1. Hostages- (a recent This American Life show)
2.Watching Giants (cool short piece on the underwater culture of whales 
(really far more interesting than you would guess!)
3. Sheds- what a clever- funny idea for gathering men together to talk. 
4. Last but not least - a piece that really renwed my faith in humanity and the power of what one person with the right vision and attitude (and support) can achieve. Fresh Air Interview with the founder of Home Boy Industries (helping to get gangs off the streets and into skilled employment). 

14 June 2010


Caper Collection (my first stall)
This weekend I participated in the Patches Market (the first of it's kind in Malta). Was a  lot of work leading up to it (sewing last bits early in the morning and late at night) but really an enjoyable experience. Met some cool people and tapped into the art/craft community here in Malta. Looking forward already to the next one, lots o ideas bubbling around in my head for the next event! Still need to get the etsy shop up and running! Time where does it go?! 

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