27 February 2014

around the bend

this photo was taken just around the corner from my sons art class.
The sun was starting to set over the grand harbour below and couples, young and old were coming round the bend as the church bells called.

My focus of late has been distracted with what is around the bend for our little family (more on that later) but in the process of this  I have found the organisation called Internations (http://www.internations.org/about/internations)
to be very helpful and useful  and ... at the same time regarding the local Malta scene they asked if they could feature Capers and Olives! 
If interested,  here is the interview- 
Hope you are all well, 
Carnival is also just around the corner here 
and below is a drawing my 8 year old left on my desk yesterday-a wish list for costumes I think
(she often leaves me small notes around the house, 
some more specific than others).
(I like the snow flakes and fire details...incase I needed some background)

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