07 July 2009

On the Road

Happy to say that school has finished for us all, so very very relieved to have handed in the last of my assignments. By in large I am happy to be returning to my other role as mum of three crazy youngins and a 13 going on 31 year old husband. If anyone is interested here is a link to the website we (my coauthor Brian Gauci) and I created as part of our final project (The Colours of Malta). It's mainly an educational website relating to cultural diversity- a pdf version of the research paper is in the authors page should anyone out there be interested in multiculturalism in Malta.

We have left our wee rock in the Mediterranean on holiday and are now enjoying some Midwestern goodness....local specialities like bratwurst, seasonal beers such as my old favourite spotted Cow or the Solstice wheat beer variety brewed in New Glarus and of course some pride of Wisconsin - ice cream.

Have come across some music to share (after some time) if you like Norah Jones you may like this...Melody Gardot .

Not to be forgotten was a lovely all too short visit to one of my favourite cities- Brighton, (while on route to the states a little over a week ago). It was such a treat, seeing old friends, picnics in the park, almond croissants and Milano cappuccinos at Carluccios and a lunch at Bills (featured above).

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