19 February 2009

Oh to have a bit more time!!!

Totally overloaded at the moment..feel like I am jumping rope ....any moment am sure I will trip up and land on my face.
If I did have time......I would run to the library or local bookstore and try to find one of the books mentioned in this Tuesday's Guardian -As their country descends into chaos Pakistani writers are winning acclaim.
On the kid front- Stella has learned to sayÁlbi' which crudely translated means my heart, and then this is followed by a big hug and snuggle... yes leaving for campus every morning is pure and simple torture... it really does feel like my heart is breaking. She is one and for me to be away from her all day feels terrible.
On the up side- I introduced my kids to the classic Mahamanha song- which we have been hearing from them for days now- highly recommend.. I think I have never seen Gaetano laugh so hard. The turtle episode of the Swedish chef was really enjoyed by he and Liliana.
Good ole You Tube! If you don't totally hate James Blunt by now- his oh triangle song is pretty funny too- my kids love it! James Blunt on Sesame street.

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