12 October 2011


Thank you to the sweet friend who gave me some pomegranates from her garden yesterday, 
besotted with their rosy understated beauty I could not help but try to capture it in a photo. 
Later this week I will be making one of my favourite salads of the season 

09 October 2011

Back to weekend walks (in place of beaches), 
the land mostly barren looking now, bar the cacti and Harruba trees (carob) (pictured below).  
Past old farm houses and fig trees. 
Pomegranates heavy on their tree branches, nearly ripe and ready to fall. 
A new school year slowly begins, gusty winds pulling darker clouds across the horizon,
thundering hints at a new season starting, for myself a welcomed change from the constant sun. 
A time to bundle up, bake and get back to some sewing. 
No history teaching this year, but a welcomed calm before a new babe. 
Hope your weekends have been restful and cozy.

**These photos have not been altered in any way and were taken on an ipod
and an iphone, not my usual little canon! I was surprised at how clear they came out!

** For those of you in Malta, this is a nice mellow walk behind Salmun Palace. 

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