25 October 2008

Not to be missed

Favourites of the week include finding out about this new campaign(photo above)  written about in the guardian. Listening to Friday's episode of Fresh Air - an interview with Charlie Kaufman (of Adaptation, Magnolia).  Lastly an interview with Michael Pollan, the author of the book  In Defense of Food and who also recently wrote an open letter to the next president which was featured in last weekends New York Times Magazine. In my opinion he has some very wise words.... worth listening to (esp. those in the U.S. as it gives a critical and historical look at our food-farming industry). 

19 October 2008

Backpacks and library cards

Immersed in Constructivist theory and ECDL ( a computer literacy kind of course) one i have to take unfortunately... these timed exams are a wee bit stressful. Found myself up on Saturday night at 3 Am (only time to study in peace in the house is in the middle of the night)- going over mail merge- how sad is that! Feel well acquainted again now with Microsoft word, Access and tomorrow it's power point- things have changed a bit since I was last computer savvy- feel like an old fuddy duddy at moments among some of my younger classmates.

My son seems to have turned a corner- really a little boy now- bony and paying attention to every detail... today for the first time ever he looked at me ( I was telling him why we must all wash our hair) and said "I think your lying to me mama"  and yes I may have been exaggerating the truth as regards bugs liking to live in dirty  hair but it really struck me. My littlest child is now walking, seems so surreal that only a year ago now I was waddling around Winchester feeling as big as a whale and wondering just when she would finally decide to come. and the middle child .. spicy as ever.. I dread the teenage years .. what a confident attitude she has..... where on earth did it come from?! 

Apart from lectures all day long,  every day the week has been highlighted by some wonderful dish my husband has cooked up and today (after having it rattling around in my brain for weeks) I ounce again made ice cream- this time a Moorish mix-cardamon with dates and walnuts.... really came out well.  Very creamy and well balanced -was pure luck- better write down the amounts I used quickly before I forget them. 

Other ponderings of the week   
- why is it so many students at the University here are carrying fancy leather purses and wearing high heels???!! Such a far cry from the back pack slugging bike riding university days I remember. 

- An interesting little thing suggested by a lecturer of mine - worth it's 8 min. 

- Have been catching up on the ole podcasts (what with the traffic jams every morning) 
Radio 4 global news, NPR News and Notes and Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy ... 

- Malta has an 'Indian summer' well into October- it's around 25 here during the days lately. 

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